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Where ideas take shape

The production branch of the company specializes in the design and manufacture of numerically controlled machines with vertical and horizontal working planes for processing natural stone, synthetic materials, wood, glass, light alloys, plastics and the like. Our activity has always been aimed at the realization of innovative user-friendly technological tools oriented to the simplification of work. The expertise of our technical staff and the quality and reliability of our machining centers have made PAVONI a well-known and appreciated brand in Italy and abroad.

Our corporate R&D Team, has designed and patented exciting products, including special tools and accessories, but our flagship product is the innovative Vertical Series Machining Centers, which are exclusive to us. For this project, its creator Franco Pavoni was awarded by the Carrara Marmotec jury for the Innovative Design Technology category “for designing a machine that puts ergonomics, comfort and ease of use by the operator first.”

On an area of more than 3,500 square meters, the production of vertical centers is flanked by that of the horizontal series, completing a range of advanced solutions for a new conception of craftsmanship, based on time and effort savings, higher profitability and professional-quality increase.

We make our passion for design available to our customers, including producing customized systems and “tailor-made” processing plants produced based on unique specific needs, with the aim of always offering solutions that are at the forefront of technological innovation, durability and ease of use.

The Production Process

The process of making our Machines, consists of two salient stages: design and actual production.

Machine Design takes place in our Technical Center, where a set of functional data are parameterized on which to process automations, select materials, and develop the preliminary prototype. This allows us to carefully assess the full efficiency of the machine and, where necessary, correct and update parameters and performance.

The Production Cycle takes place on a surface area of over 3,500 square meters, equipped to meet any kind of processing. The expertise and experience of our technicians add value to construction phases that require strong project customization. Therefore, machines always come out of our lines at the forefront of technological innovation, durability and ease of use.

For over 50 years, passion for mechanics has been moving the gears of our company

Our experience and expertise can be found in the PAVONI STORE, for 50 years a leader in the trade of NEW AND USED PROFESSIONAL MACHINE TOOLS, positioning itself among the first dealers in the national and international territory for the offer of MANUAL, AUTOMATIC AND ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT intended for the processing of WOOD, IRON, ALUMINIUM, MARBLE, GLASS AND PLASTIC MATERIALS.

In the PAVONI STORE you can touch the items we have, find electric and hand tools, automatic and electronic machines of the BEST BRANDS for all processing.

Our staff members are available to offer advice and suggestions for all professional needs regarding new and used machines, tools and consumables.


The company is distinguished by its thorough after-sales service and expertise in
by functional restoration of machinery, thanks to fifty years of experience.
The company is distinguished by its thorough after-sales service and expertise in of functional restoration of machinery, thanks to fifty years of experience.
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For all those who want to learn more about the operation of special machines, or learn about new technologies, we provide meetings and training stages led by Experts in each field to bring the customer closer to new solutions.

A way to get up close and personal with machines and technologies, discover their advantages, and define needs and goals. In short, a qualified aid to your business.

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Our team of experts, is also always ready to provide technical support via the web to our CNC operators, guiding them in remote connection quickly and efficiently (Quick Support).

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The exceptional technical know-how and high level of professionalism of our staff, have also allowed us to grow in the market ofUsed Refurbished, with a wide assortment of woodworking, iron and aluminum machinery, which you can browse in our online catalog.

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We operate as a maintenance company specializing in the overhaul of machine tools and equipment, risk analysis, training courses and adaptation to current accident prevention regulations, with issuance of the relevant certificate.

A story that began in 1967

January 23, 1967
Pavoni Macchine S.r.l.
Early Pantographs
electronic CNC
New plant
Innovative Design Technology Award.

On Jan. 23, 1967, in Rome, the PAVONI brothers started their business in the trade of machine tools for wood, iron and aluminum processing, making a name for themselves very early on for their dedication and technical skills in the field of mechanics.

In the late 1970s, they became a landmark in the professional machine tool industry and founded PAVONI MACCHINE S.r.l., a company with legal and operational headquarters in the historic four-story building on the G.R.A., which still displays on its facade an antique Carpentry Band Saw.

In the 1990s, Franco Pavoni’s passion for technological progress gave birth to the first Numerically Controlled Pantographs for woodworking, designed and built to simplify the work of the Craftsman. The company opens the way to automation for this category of businesses by creating work systems that are less cumbersome and easier to manage.

In 1997, Pantographs evolved into Marble and Glass Working Centers, gaining great success among customers and deep admiration among industry professionals at the Carrara International Exhibition held in May of that year.

This encourages the design and development team to believe in the project, presenting their innovative achievements in the most prestigious European Exhibitions of international importance: the PAVONI CNCs cross Italy and Europe, even crossing the borders overseas.

Franco Pavoni creator of the Vertical Machine Project, received the 2016 Carrara MARMOTEC Jury Award in the Innovative Design Technology Award category “for designing a machine that puts ergonomics, comfort and ease of use by the operator first.”

Thanks to the strong business startup, rich technical experience and constant research and technological development promoted by its founder, a number of innovative products and interesting patents have been born, making the PAVONI Brand the industry leader. Beginning in 2010, the two business branches, Commercial and Industrial, receive new impetus from the reorganization of the group, which is now united in the plants at the 3800-square-meter headquarters in Via Lucio Mariani in Rome, where Sales are concentrated in the new STORE, Production and the PAVONI Sales Offices, which for over 50 years has found professional machines for craft work, its core business.

Visit Our Show Room

Direct Sales (PAVONI STORE), Production and Sales Offices are concentrated in the headquarters facilities, covering an area of 3800 square meters.

Come to our spacious Show Room to touch all our products and benefit from the advice of our staff.

We are in Rome at Via Lucio Mariani 36, height Km 42 of the G.R.A. exit Ciampino – Zona Industriale – Gregna S. Andrea.