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VERTICAL PLUS SERIES. Vertical Machining Centers with three or more interpolated axes with a computer control system equipped with a simple and intuitive interface, for automatic machining with lubrication, of marble, granite, synthetic materials, glass, aluminum and alloys, plastics and the like.

Vertical V1200 plus

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Vertical V2500 plus

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Particularly well suited for the production of funerary artwork, furniture elements and objects in general, they are capable of performing engraved and relief lettering in all Windows fonts, drilling, cutting, engraving, milling, inlaying and photoengraving. The machines enable the engraved and embossed reproduction of drawings, lettering, trademarks and logos as well as many three-dimensional processes, such as carvings, fireplaces, shower trays, inlaid tables, kitchen counter tops, sinks, stairs, frames, arches, and doorways. Accompanied by simple and intuitive software that is among the most modern and advanced, they allow the user to import the most common file formats, both 2D (.dwg .dxf .eps .pdf .ai etc.) and 3D (.stl .3ds .dxf etc.), giving free rein to his or her imagination.

“OPEN” FRAME. A characteristic feature of the “Vertical Plus” series is the side opening cut into the machine frame, which allows the plate to slide either left or right to process pieces of unlimited length!

Technical Data V1200 plus V2500 plus
X-Y-Z axes stroke
1000 - 1200 - 300 mm
2500 - 1200 - 300 mm
Bridge passing
450 mm
450 mm
Max Axis Speed (X,Y,Z)
25, 20, 10 m/min
25, 20, 10 m/min
Electrospindle power (internal water passage)
HP 5
HP 7.5
Max electrospindle rotation speed
18000 rpm
18000 rpm
Tool cone
½ " GAS
½ " GAS
Tool change
Overall dimensions (BxDxH)
2050x1450x2400 mm
3550x1450x2400 mm
Ooverall dimensions console (BxDxH)
500x900x900 mm
500x900x900 mm
Net weight
1500 kg
2000 kg

Pavoni Step Automazioni Srl reserves the right to change all or part of the features and technical data of its machines without prior notice.




Accordion Content

3D Plan Laser

To copy the shape of artifacts and three-dimensional figures


Dividing lathe for 360-degree machining

PavoniJet milling cutter

The “PavoniJet” represents the evolution and refinement of the cutters used in the granite engraving process today. This is the first single-cutter polycrystalline cutter equipped with a patented conveyor body.
It is distinguished by its ability to guide the high-pressure water jet to within a millimeter of the engraving tip, ensuring perfect refrigeration, unlike conventional cutters, where the coolant flow is dispersed without reaching the tip. Due to the effect of the pressure jet, moreover, debris of material that has already been removed is pushed away, aiding tool feed and thus also improving execution speed.
With this new milling cutter model, it now becomes possible to perform long and laborious engraving operations on granite, minimizing wear and tear and the risk of tip breakage, as well as processing time.

Brochure Milling cutter PavoniJet

Planarity Laser

To read the surface of the irregular workpiece


For high-definition photogravures